Coat rack

After having seen something similar, but smaller, in Austria, we decided I could do better. The result is something we like a lot. With 35 kg, it requires 5 bolts to hold it to the wall.

Full frontal view
Side view

When the rack was ready, we couldn't find matching hangers, so I did those myself as well.


Cutlery rack

As our cutlery is a bit longer than standard, the standard racks didn't suffice. I made my own.

hout hout
hout hout
hout hout
bak bak


My daughter painted the glass hood of the left lamp. The bow is copper-pipe, the base is glued together planed and sanded restwood from a furniture factory.

I drilled holes through the hard stone we brought back from our holidays in e.g. Greece, created a small Teak base from the same wood used to create an extra drawer in the cupboard the right lamp is standing on.

Lamp Lamp Lamp

CD rack

My wife wanted the speaker inside the new rack, so it would not take extra space. The cable runs through the void in the back.

cdrek cdrek cdrek cdrek